Faraday 6020 (the 9833) and Space Age light plates

Has anybody ever heard of a 6020 horn (the 9833 when rebranded by Simplex) being paired with a Space Age Electronics AV32 or AV34 light plate? Just curious because I know that there are examples of the 6120/9838 being used with them.

Wooster High School in Wooster, Ohio has a ton of them on an old Kidde/Thorn System (pulls are the old B5’s), FACP recently upgraded to 4100ES. They got them on the strobe plates with the clear lenses (AV-32) and the newer 6120 horns with the silver plate. I know they’re not 6020’s, but it’s close enough. Still a rare system config around my area.

Got pics once when I went to a swim meet there about a year and a half ago; System is still up AFAIK.

Not as much stuff is Simplex as it once was as Honeywell is slowly starting to gain popularity especially around the Akron area. Cleveland area is still mostly Simplex as is the Youngstown area as well, don’t see those cities switching anytime soon.