Faraday horn circuit board

Why do the newer Faraday mechanical horns have circuit boards on them?

If you can post a picture of it that would help… It could just be a voltage regulator or the voltage amplification unit if it has a strobe, or it could be the jubracator that connects the flux capacitor to the dalore-o-tron.


That’s probably what it is.

I remember reading about this awhile ago. These newer horns don’t have mechanical contacts. Instead I believe they use an LED and optical sensor with something attached to the horn’s diaphragm to interrupt a beam of light. According to the horn’s data sheet, it’s U.S. Patent #5,596,477.

Here’s a link to the patent:


The infrared light reminds me of a beam detector.

I don’t think the LED design was ever implemented as I’ve never seen an electromechanical horn with that technology. Pretty interesting idea though.

Seems a bit over engineered to me, its sorta like leveling a elevator with lasers, I mean, who needs it to be THAT specific.

Sounds useful for explosion proof environments.