Well guys, Its time to inform you all about myself leaving the fire alarm community. I started back in 2007 with making some videos with my old account, alarm 53. Then I migrated over to my current channel, firealarmtech. Its been a great 6 years and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it. Being part of a community of great people is something I’ll always remember. I learned skills from experience and from others, and I will continue to use those skills for the rest of my life. I’ve made great friends, and learned so much about electronics. But I couldn’t have done it without you guys. Thanks for helping keep this growing community alive and its amazing to see how its grown from when I started collecting in 2005. So why am I quitting you may ask? Well there’s several reasons ranging from expense to personal reasons. I’ve recently been feeling unwelcome on TFP and YouTube lately, due to the fact that some users have just been disrespectful and just kind of been putting me down about things related to fire alarm systems. I am sorry to those who dislike me, or to those whom dislike my practices with collecting, but this is an open community, and we are all different. I wish the best of luck to all collectors and all the people who wish to continue their careers in the field of fire alarms. You guys deserve much more credit than you get, because you guys help save lives.

Thank you to all the wonderful people in this community who have helped me gain further knowledge through experience. It means a lot.

I’ll be around for another few days to answer any questions anyone may have.

But thank you to everyone involved in this community, and farewell.

I’m glad we could make this an enjoyable experience! If you ever want to come back, we’ll be here!

Best of luck! :smiley:


Will keep that in mind! I may make an occasional video or two as time permits

I’m sorry to hear that you felt unwelcome in this community. We do our best to keep this place friendly, and I hope that any users on here with ill will can take this as a lesson.

Good luck with your future endeavors! :smiley:

Sorry to hear that you are leaving,you will be missed.

Please do not allow negative attitude be a deterent to being a member of this community.

If you feel are being targeted unfairly plese drop us a message. I took a look through some posts and really did not see anything to negative. Perhaps you misunderstood someones message?