Faulty Fire Alarm Panel

Help please!
So I got this used Gamewell Flex Series Panel, And it will not power on. I have gone over the manuals and contacted the seller. The seller said it worked fine before being removed. If you guys see any issues please let me know.

And yes, I have plugged it in.


did you try switching the wireing around

Yes, I have tried a lot of things

Never mind, Somehow slamming the door got it to work.

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Check your fitment of those AC terminals - usually for consistency’s sake you should always keep the wires off to one side of the terminal for all three to minimize the risk of arcing. Looks like for some reason you have the neutral on the bottom side of the terminal, for instance. I’d say keep them either all to the top, or all to the bottom. Also make sure you don’t have any exposed wiring close to each other. It looks like you might run into some arcing between the hot and the ground.

I’d strongly advise against “switching the wires around” because the components in the board may very well be polarized and now you risk blowing them up.

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I followed your advice. Thank you.