Favorite Brand of PC

Which is your favorite brand of PC?

  • Dell
  • HP/Compaq
  • Toshiba
  • Samsung
  • Other (please specify below)
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After I graduate college, I am planning to get a new laptop. As much as I like my iPhone, I still prefer a PC over a Mac. Anyway, please tell me your favorite brand and explain why or what you may have against the others. I’ve always had a great experience with Dell. I have an HP tablet right now and as feature-rich as it is, it has been a bit problematic and is currently being repaired.

So, I’d like to hear any input, recommendations, comments, stories, etc. Thanks :slight_smile:

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My favorite brand of PC is no brand. In the sense of desktops, I prefer to build my own.

My favorite brand of laptop is Apple. Not because of the Mac OS (I use Windows on it pretty often) but I like the slim design, super-long battery life, real aluminum shell (not that cheap plastic with paint to look aluminum), the simple and elegant design, and the fact that I can run both OSs. (Only problem with using Windows on a Mac is naturally there’s compatibility issues, namely with drivers for the hardware in the laptop… the trackpad driver sucks a lot.)

Oh and I’ll mention that I use both Windows and Mac OS X all the time… and I do not prefer one or the other. I need both for what I do.

Dell all the way! IMO, they’re the easiest to work with and their customer support is spectacular. I have also worked with HP and IBM, but again, they don’t quite compare to dell. I also love my iPhone, but am still a PC lover.

Dell. I have used several kinds, but there is something that I like abot Dells. I have no idea what, I guess because most people that I know have Dells.

Dude! You’re getting a Dell!

I like Dell to a point.

I really recommend a Panasonic Toughbook business rugged machine.

I really have no preference when it comes to choosing laptops, since I have never had to research/buy one, although I prefer a Mac over any of these any day, but I’ve noticed at my school, that the HP computers seem to work better than the Dells. I know somebody who works for HP, and surprisingly, he hates their user-end products. :lol:

I recently got a MacBook Pro and it’s definitely a great, quick computer (my favorite up to now). I have a slow Toshiba Portegé with Windows 7 that I used every day before getting the Mac and it just feels so cheap; when you lift the screen, you feel like you could break it very easily. Like NewAgeServer said, the Mac’s aluminum shell just feels very solid and it looks great too (the overall build quality seems fantastic).

I don’t know if I have a favorite, but I bought an HP laptop about 16 months ago and I like it, A LOT. Of course, it came with quite a few extra features and has a lot of RAM, etc. but it was worth every penny.

I’d have to choose Dell. Maybe it’s because that’s the only make I’ve really used in the last 7 years. Like Weatherdan said, they do have excellent customer service and technical support. I don’t really have anything against the other brands though.

Either HP or Lenovo, they do age well.

Lenovo ages very well, I would disagree about HP however.

Dell, I’ve never had a problem with them and I still use every Dell I’ve ever bought. Their computers are amazing and their customer support is even more amazing, I’m not on hold for an hour just to be transferred to a different department.

I also love Toshiba, they make the most durable and long lasting products I have ever used.

I really have a problem with HP though, they tend to break down rather often, I see them in my shop most often besides Compaq (I’m neutral for Compaq). I also don’t like their customer support, though its not as bad as Microsoft.

The best computer for compatibility and is also quite durable, is IBM, I’ve never had a problem with them either and rarely see them breaking down, although they are out of the consumer market now I believe.


None, Apple all the way! :lol:

Jk. If I had to pick one, it would probably be Dell. They definitely seem more reliable than HPs, at least from my experience.

I said Apple above, but if i DID have to choose a PC Laptop, here’s my Top Three and why:

  1. Lenovo: Great quality, lasts a long time, but a bit pricey…
  2. Asus: Great quality, pretty decent prices
  3. Samsung: Pretty good quality, prices aren’t too bad.

Uh, I work as a computer technician and I am payed so yes, I am a professional.

By the way, is it in your life’s goals to somehow be a dick in every post you make here?

Why don’t you enjoy being 16 and a kid well you still can? There is a whole future of adulthood ahead of you where you can give your self any title you want.

No, actually I do not.

I do enjoy being a kid, however I’m not really like an average teen; I enjoy working these jobs because they are technical and are relevant to my interests. Anyways, this is getting off topic