Favorite keypads

What are your favorite keypads, in terms of design or user interface? I like older keypads

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I like older keypads. 90ā€™s-early 2000ā€™s

Same. Personal favorite is the Ademco 6150/60

My favorite keypad is the Bosch/radionics d720r

As far as Newer Keypads, I love the Vista 20p. Anyone can program It and It is simple to use, But older keypads, I think they are cool too.
My Vista 20p RF:

I like the new Bosch keypads. The Honeywell 6460w/sā€™ look cool

I like DSC keypads because of the design and user friendlyness like the DSC PK5000, LCD5500, HS2LCD full message keypad. The HS2 can even have a wireless receiver and tags to disarm.

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Those are nice too. I wish you could get the top section in red or black on the newer ones like you could on the old ones, because the buttons on the newer ones are better than the older ones. The function keys on the older ones are too small