FCI 7100 series piezo replacement

I am a technician trying to find an alternative for a customer. there is an FCI 7100 panel with a damaged Piezo where the fire department says they have to get it repaired. instead of replacing their entire panel I found a possible replacement but couldn’t find any spec sheets on it or how to install it. its called a GWF-SM7100-L8. the GWF isn’t part of the part number I believe, it might be a vendor specific tag for the part.

there is also a picture on ebay that looks like it can just plug into the panel.

any information on on this would be great!

Sorry for the late reply, it is possible that this module will work in this situation. I sent you a PDF with some documentation, but Gamewell-FCI sent these piezo modules to distributors in 2008 for a recall with some boards manufactured in mid 2007 where the piezo did not work properly. According to the documentation it requires a firmware update to make it work though. If it turns out you need the firmware update, and if you are not a Gamewell-FCI distributor, you will have to hire one.