FCI 7200 “ALRET” trouble

I have a old FCI 7200 Micro panel here. I’m a Notifier ESD so I’m not too familiar with FCI. I’m having an “alert” trouble on a duct detector. The head has been replaced already. But for some odd reason it was normal when first replaced, but now I’m getting this “alert” trouble. When I remove the head and reset the panel, and put it back, it normal again. But after a few days or so the “alert” trouble returns. Any help on this ???

Is this an addressable duct detector? If so, there are some options under the “Sensr” section of the main menu to drift-compensate (“Comp.”) one sensor or re-initialize all sensors (“Init.”). These may be worth giving a try, my guess (having only dealt with many 7100s and E3s) is they should at least not do any harm.

I cannot actually find any reference to an “Alert” condition in the manual. I can send you the manual if you haven’t found a copy of it.