FCI 7200 deleting points.

Hi guys. I’m working on a swap out from FCI to notifier. It’s a med size system that will have to be swapped loop by loop. The customer doesn’t want to see any trouble at day’s end. I’m looking for a way to delete points from the FCI with out using a laptop top. Only using the KDU. I’m not all that verse in FCI. Any one know if it’s possible?

Only by running auto-configure. This will wipe out all the point labels and program every device it finds as general alarm, except modules above address 50 which will be assigned as supervisory, nonsilenceable waterflow, etc. based on the first digit of their address. You’d probably be better off leaving the troubles on the system; at least then if an alarm comes in you will have the point description. You should only have to acknowledge everything every 24 hours to keep it from beeping.