FCI FC-72 Fire Alarm Control Panel Overview and Test

Hey everyone,

I am a little late in posting this video to the forums, however, here’s a pretty detailed overview of my FCI FC-72 Fire Control Panel, along with a quick test with a couple of devices pulled from the same system!


There used to be one of those FC-72 panels at a local church I know. Unfortunately it was replaced by an MS-10UD-7 a couple years ago and I did not get a chance to snag it :confused:

This panel is a lot more complex than most conventional panels especially since it uses switches instead of buttons and each zone has a dedicated silence switch. Makes resetting a lot more interesting. About what time frame was this panel manufactured?

This particular panel was manufactured in 1994, but I have seen data sheets and manuals for the FC-72 dated back to a decade earlier in 1984.