FCI FC-72 + other recent acquisitions

Howdy yall. Just wanted to show off a few things I got recently. Firsf off is this FCI FC-72 FACP. It was destined for scrap at a facility I frequent. Luckily I noticed it and with permission, I got to bring it home. After moving around some resistors, I got it working with most troubles gone. I believe the only remaining trouble pertains to the 9 year old batteries. The NAC coding card is only the one witj continuous output.

Another 2 devices I also saved from being trashed were these 2 Wheelock AMTs. Came from the same facility, though a different system. Essentially MTs but with multiple horn inputs in a priority order… honestly it’s pretty cool. What’s interesting is while one is labeled “AMT-24-LSM”, the other is labeled “AMT-24-WM”, despite also having an LSM strobe. I can only assume that the strobe was replaced at some point, or it was a mislabel. They both work.

Lastly is this broken Faraday 2700-E remote strobe. I actually found this, it had fallen off a abandoned & welded up building that’s set for demolition. I can only assume it fell off. Remarkably… it actually works! The damage is only to the mounting bits. The cover plate was also missing.

That’s about it for things I’ve gotten recently with worthwhile stories. Other things Ive bought include a Wheelock ET-1080-R horn, some interesting Faraday strobes mounted on a grill, I assume to retrofit old horns, a basic AS-24MCW(got it for a small project), a Honeywell HFS-P addressable smoke detector, and soon 3 Simplex 4903-9356s with boxes & grill.

I know a facility that has a bunch of those ,I
wonder if perhaps its the same facility

The wheelock MTs look a bit different in their circuit boards. perhaps this explains the labelling issue?

The only difference I see is only one of the programmable microcontrollers has a Wheelock sticker on it.