FCI FC-72 System Replacement Complete

We helped a local fire/security company replace an old FCI FC-72 system at a local school we take care of. I managed to save almost every device on the system (the duct detectors were reused with interface modules), including the panel. The new panel is a Fire-Lite ES-200X, with System Sensor L Series horn/strobes, Fire-Lite BG-12LX pull stations, Fire-Lite SD364 smokes, and Fire-Lite H365 heat detectors. The full system upgrade took 3 days to complete, which I think is pretty good considering the quantity of devices I removed. The old devices are as follows.

FCI FC-72 6 Zone Conventional Panel. The panel is what led to the system replacement, there was a constant trouble light on zone 6, which could probably be just a faulty zone card, but I haven’t dug into it yet. It even has a dealer sticker on the inside cover stating that the panel was bought from Mass Fire Alarms of New England on June 11, 1990.

20 Wheelock 7002T-24
2 System Sensor Spectralert Classics
1 Wheelock NS
1 Wheelock Exceder

I’m most excited to remove 20 Wheelock 7002T’s, with trim plates. I attended this school from 2008-2011, and these were the first fire alarms that I’d been exposed too. The Spectralert classics were added later on, and the NS and the Exceder replaced broken 7002T’s. The “FIRE” lettering on some of them are faded due to UV exposure. The 7002T in the bottom right corner is the one that serves as my profile avatar. These are also the exact alarms the were featured in my most popular YouTube video of these sounding off.

22 FCI MS-6 Pull Stations
1 Simplex 2099-9754

I also removed 22 of the MS-6 pulls, all of them are the first generation with the bigger letters, and have date codes of 1989 (school was built in 1990) Also a lone Simplex 2099-9754 that replaced an MS-6 sometime before 2008.

32 FCI SBS-1201 Smokes
7 System Sensor i3 Smokes
3 System Sensor 5601P Heats
3 Chemetron 601 Heats
2 Simplex 2098-9201 Smokes on Simplex 2098-9211 Bases
1 System Sensor 2451 Smoke
1 FCI SBS-1100

I got quite the variety of smoke and heat detectors. I originally thought the smokes were System Sensor 2400, but were the FCI rebranded ones, makes sense given the panel is an FCI. Some of them are extremely yellowed due to UV exposure which these are notorious for. One of the SBS-1201’s is missing the cage around the head, and one of the 601’s is missing it’s cover as well. Apparently the FCI SBS-1100 is a rebranded Simplex 2098-9575, it’s identical in both specs and physical appearance.

I also got the indicator annunciator for the system, a D&S/WSA TA10FC. It was found above the suspended ceiling in the main office, which abuts the entry vestibule. Apparently someone removed the annunciator to make way for a time clock, and just left it above the ceiling. It was still hooked up to the panel. It is also missing the cover plate.

Now I have to test all of these devices. They are also not for sale at the moment, I’ll probably hang on to them for a while since they’re nostalgic, but everyone can rest assured these devices were saved from the trash.


Nice job! I don’t think I’ve ever seen or heard of a fire alarm system replacement where almost all the old devices were saved! You certainly got a lot!

Sometimes I wish more system replacements were done this way: replace the old devices but save them as well.

Again: fantastic job!

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Spectralert Advances and L-Series’es sound terrible… They make really harsh and ear-penetrating screeeeeeeeeching noise, kinda like hammer drills. Those old mech horns undoubtly generate better tones.

After testing the system, I couldn’t agree more, you just can’t beat mechanical horns.

Are you going to wire up that panel and those devices?

I might if I get more space to setup a few systems, for now they’re in storage. The panel also needs some work, some of the zones don’t stay activated, and others do.

Can i have 1 smoke zone card… ZDMD01