FCI rebranding FOS/Faraday products?

So, i saw a FOS 6120 rebranded by FCI. Also, i remember seeing a Faraday multi tone horn with an FCI logo on it.

Yeah, I’ve seen FCI rebrand products from Faraday (“FOS” is Faraday’s “generic” brand name). I have an FCI-rebranded Faraday speaker/strobe in fact.

Is it one of the W-series speaker strobes?

I’m not sure what the original Faraday model number is, but mine is model “2607-N + 5526-W” (I got that from adding together the model numbers of the speaker & strobe, which for some reason appear to be separate rather than all one number). Mine looks identical to that one except it’s a darker shade of red & has the FCI logo in place of the Faraday one.

I actually saw a FCI rebranded 6120 on ebay. I thought of getting it, but it sold out.

Ah well, you might always get another chance to do so.