FCI SBP-4 Panel Manual

Hey 4j25,

Do you have any of the manuals that came with the FCI SBP-4 fire panel? I am working in an office that has this panel, but we’re trying to figure out why its showing system trouble when there are no zone troubles nor any zone alarms.


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Can you post a picture of the SBP-4 panel? I don’t recognize that model.

It will be one of these guys:
<URL url="Need Help Identifying Panel]Need Help Identifying Panel]

To help out the OP…

There’s not much to these panels. If you just have the “System Trouble” LED lit and nothing else (other then AC power), check the batteries first with a load tester. I can’t remember if there is a separate Low Battery light. If they are over 5 years old or just “look old”, replace them and that might just do the trick. Verify the fuses are good - pull each one out and check it with an ohm meter. Do a lamp test and verify all the LEDs work! I actually had a customer cut out the Ground Fault LED because it was lit, it was his way of “fixing” the trouble! You might actually have a zone in trouble and the LED isn’t working. Worst case, you panel took a hit and just time to replace it. She had a good run, those things are like 20 years old!

That’s the one. Is the manual still available for it from any source or do you have it?

I have a lot of manuals but not that one. And probably the only place you will find one is if you’re lucky and one was left with a panel and nobody swiped it! But in any case, I don’t know how much a manual is going to help you, these panels are cut and dry. Most of your information would be on the label inside the panel. Shouldn’t be too tough to troubleshoot in the field. I just don’t know how a manual is going to help unless you have a specific question.

Another thing you can try, take all of the wires off the system, install EOL resistors on all the zone terminals and signal circuits - values should be on the label or meter the circuits. Then install new batteries. If you still have a trouble with nothing connected and all supervised circuits closed, then you have an internal fault and cannot be repaired.

Also, wiggle the three slide switches. They can get dirty with age and might just not be making good contact, causing the trouble.