Federal Signal MSLP

Y’all have heard of Mini-Horns, but have y’all heard of Mini-Speakers? That’s exactly what this is, a single-gang, 25V, 3/4 watt speaker.

Comparison to a my Edwards 128D-124 (GX90-4W), for scale.

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Yeah that’s an unusual one for sure, especially since it lacks the molded-in Gentex logo that the GX90 has. Can’t imagine the audio quality is very good given the size of the speaker. Wonder what made Gentex, Federal Signal, or whoever originally produced it think to make such a thing.

I don’t know why someone would make it, but I’m glad they did. And I agree that the audio quality probably is crap.

Yeah. One other thing I noticed is that the grille slots are very slightly thinner than those on the GX90 (though the outermost ones look about the same width).

They were made for hotels,dorm rooms and apartments

Considering that’s primarily where you find mini horns, that makes sense (even though most such places use full-size speakers or speaker/strobes instead (though I suppose that’s probably because there are no mini speakers or speaker/strobes aside from the rare & likely no-longer-in-production MSLP).

Yeah they’re more aesthetically pleasing

What a unique device! I first learned about these peculiar speakers a few years ago through CPG’s old website, but this is the first photo I’ve seen of one. The speaker itself looks surprisingly compact—it doesn’t seem to protrude much from the back.

I’m also intrigued to find out whether the sound quality is decent.

Funny you should mention CPG Signal: like a lot of companies in the life safety business I’m unsure of their exact/entire history, but it seems like they might have somehow been related to Federal Signal at one time given you can find products that are otherwise identical save for either a CPG or Federal Signal label.

Oh yeah, didn’t even notice at that first. Always a good thing to aim for if possible since that means more space in the mounting box (among other advantages).

I suppose OP could hook it to a source of audio using a male audio cable with one end snipped off (or better yet like I did a male audio connector with a pair of wires soldered to it) & test the speaker out that way (& of course make a video of it so we could all hear what it sounds like).

Don’t currently have any amplifiers for it. If you have any suggestions, I’ll be glad to look into it and post it online.

You more-or-less don’t need an amplifier for non-life safety purposes: just get any source of audio, whether that be your phone, a computer, or an MP3 player, & using the kind of cable I described play audio of your choice through the speaker using said source.

I’d imagine it would only produce high frequency treble sounds just like a mini horn is high pitched. At the same time you probably wouldn’t get much volume out of it.

Most mini-horns use piezo buzzers, which not only is non-sensitive to low frequency signals but also have a significant resonance point that makes the sound sharp and noisy. This mini-speaker is based on a real speaker transducer, so the sound quality is technically higher. Remove the high-pass filter (resistor and capacitor) and pump audio signals directly into the speaker. Hopefully it would reproduce some bass.

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We rly need a vid on this. I think these were installed at a hotel with a voice evac system.

They could have been, but I for one have not seen a system with them.

I guess the long mini speaker myth was true

I didn’t know there was a myth around these. Well I guess I proved a myth true.