Fenwal1's Collection

Hello, I am new here and would like to show off my collection with everything listed in the photo.

Left to right, top to bottom.

System Sensor S241575
System Sensor SR
System Sensor SW
Wheelock RSS-24MCW
Wheelock RSS (Gamewell rebrand)
Wheelock NS
Wheelock AS (Radionics D571)
Wheelock MT-24LSM (Cerberus pyrotronics MTS-1575)
Wheelock E70
Wheelock E90
Wheelock 7002T (Pyrotronics HSD-24)
National Time commander 2 strobe
Gentex commander 3 GECG-24PWR
Gentex GMS
Gentex GMH
Federal Signal 450D+VALS
Faraday 5508
Faraday 5509
Faraday 5521
Faraday 6110
Faraday 6120+5511 (x2)
Faraday 6120+5512
ESL 6120
Faraday 6227
Faraday 5630
Simplex 2901-9517 on a reproduction 4050-80
Simplex 2903-9101 (x2)
Simplex 4903-9101
Simplex 4903-9105
Simplex 2904-9005
Simplex 4901-9816
Simplex 2901-9838
Simplex 4903-9236
Simplex 4903-9426
Simplex 4906-9108
Simplex 4251-111, 2099-9784, 2099-9795
Amseco FS1-1, BZ-54
ESL and Fenwal surface grilles

Very nice variety of stuff there!

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Thank you! I appreciate that

Nice collection. How long have you been collecting?

Only since mid 2019!

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Got these today. A Faraday 4444 vibrating bell, a NIB Pyrotronics rebranded 34T, and a horn for one of my Fenwal grilles.

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Got more stuff lol

Is your amber strobe Truealert addressable or smart sync?

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Got even more stuff lol, two Faraday 5940s, a 7410, another 6120+5511, a System Sensor S241575, and a Gamewell M69