Fike SHP transformer overheating

So, I have a Fike SHP (Single Hazard Panel) which is a fire suppression panel that is conventional. I am having a problem with it where the AC transformer in it is getting really hot, and I mean too hot to touch. It has almost no load at all, it has a small module inside that is being used for a remote silence switch which is just two little leds running and the other thing running on it is an illuminated pushbutton abort switch. The only other thing using the transformer is the panel itself. Since it isn’t the most common or familiar panel i put some links to pictures of it.

closed- <LINK_TEXT text=“ … ylL3wom5wH”></LINK_TEXT>

open- <LINK_TEXT text=“ … i_HFx9wJi8”></LINK_TEXT>

interface- <LINK_TEXT text=“ … IQLof4YRFw”></LINK_TEXT>

Help would be greatly appreciated as i can’t really run the panel 24/7 until i get it fixed.

You may want to mount some form of heatsink on the transformer and also make sure that it is not being overloaded and that there are no shorts anywhere on your system.

Hi, I already put heatsinks on it before but because there is no airflow in the panel it still gets really hot. Also there are no shorts in the system and there is nothing really drawing much power as it is all heat detectors.

Over time, transformers can develop internal shorts, fail to provide their rated power, and start to overheat. Probably best to look for a replacement transformer. One of my coworkers recently replaced a transformer that was so hot it was putting out smoke. :shock:

Thanks, I’ll probably do that.