Fire Alarm at my College!

Hey everyone

I forgot to mention that the fire alarm at my college went off last Wednesday. My college (It’s a community college, so it’s mainly just one building) has a few different kinds of alarms. The part where the cafeteria is has Commanders (either 2s or 3s, not sure) set to code-3 and low-frequency. There’s also one in the library. Most of the alarms are SHGs, but there are also a few Wheelock EH alarms with the WM strobes, and 2 of the mens’ rooms have GX-90S horn/strobes. The bookstore even has a Truealert or two. So there’s a bit of a mix.

Anyway, I was working at the Club Fair in the cafeteria, and they went off. I only really heard the Commanders good. Fortunately, I wasn’t sitting near them, so it wasn’t too loud (and my second dorm at my first school had those things, so I know how loud they are. Ouch!). So we went outside, and outside I could also hear either the GX-90s or the SHGs (or maybe both), and they were on continuous. I heard that something happened to a generator, and that caused the alarm.

I have to say that that’s the first time I’ve been in an academic building (in college, of course) when the alarms went off. I’ve been in dorms plenty of times for alarms, but never academic buildings. It was rather unexpected. And exciting (for me at least).

most of my favorite experiences/memories with fire alarms and fire drills have occurred in college, so i totally understand where you’re coming from.

when i was going to luther two years ago…
-first time for me to hear an older alarm (this was a wheelock 34-24, all of my schools up through high school had fairly new alarms: GX’s, commander 1’s, and spectr alert classics)
-first time to hear voice evac in person (really old dorm that had a new simplex system with true alert speaker/strobes, this system activated at least three times in the two months i was there, and i got to hear them all.)