Fire alarm causes heart attack and brain damage?!

Even though this news story is actually a few months old, it’s not pretty. It’s actually very sad.

A six-year-old girl with a rare heart disorder of some kind was at school when they had a fire drill. The fire alarm suddenly going off caused her to have a heart attack, and caused brain injuries, to the point where she cannot walk, talk or eat. She should make a full recovery soon, thankfully.

I wonder what fire alarm the school had to give her a heart attack? It must’ve been a really loud one! Since this is in England, they must have either had bells or really loud sounders. But I must admit, even those UK-style sounders and bells are tame compared to the Simplex 4040, which practically traumatized me throughout high school! THAT could easily give an unsuspecting person a heart attack!

The fire alarm did not cause this, her heart condition did.