Fire Alarm Collection

I fell down the fire alarm rabbit hole back in 2012 or so, but I didn’t start collecting until this year (2023). Below is what I amassed… at the expense of my bank account.

Simplex 4010, 4606-9101, 4005, 4602-9101, 4602-9102 (x2), and 4003. The 4005 is my favorite panel; I have it wired to the 4010. Both panels can trip each other. The 4003 is kinda there for show, I’ll probably swap it with the 4006 I have.

Here are my other panels (in the pictures): Simplex 4001, ULC 4001, 4004, 4006, 4007ES, 4008, 4009 (x2), 4610-9111 annuncuator, another annunciator, Spectronics FAS-24B, Mircom FA300-6DDR, Mirtone 7604 (with 2 zone addon), Edwards FS302, a Fenwal suppression panel, Edwards FS1004, Edwards FS1004+, Pyrotronics System 3 (6-module cabinet), Gamewell Zans 200, Mircom FA101-T, Firelite ES50X, MS5-UD, Miniscan 4012, Miniscan 112, MP-12, MS-5024, 411UDAC, Notifier SFP-2404, and ADT Unimode 10. There’s also a Notifier System 500, an ADT Unimode 4-16, and an EST LSS1 in the pile.

Not pictured: 2 Edwards FS302s, Simplex 4002 (CPU board only), 2 4005 CPUs (broken), a 4005 cabinet/parts, a spare 4010 SFIO board, Notifier AFP-400 board, and a broken System 500 power supply board.

Here’s my notification appliances and pull stations. I don’t keep track of smoke/heat detectors, but I do have a few of those too. Not gonna try listing models for these, but I recorded a video with most of them:

Not pictured: Lots more stuff, mostly duplicate and broken devices.

I don’t like flaunting my collection like this; I almost consider it an example of what NOT to do with your earnings. Regardless, I do hope this collection can help preserve fire alarm equipment (especially older/rare stuff), and I hope to make videos about some of these at some point.

UPDATE Here’s the latest state of the collection as of 2/13/24… and my piggy bank still hates me.


I find it extremely hard to believe that you’ve managed to amass in a single year what normally takes most collectors many years to accumulate (including me), holy crap!


yeah I only have 3 devices and I have been collecting since 2019

Yeah I’m a prolific collector. I have an equally ridiculous number of weather radios in my collection too.

I love that zans-200 and that system-3

:rofl: Yep. That’s for sure. That is why I have this massive list of collection items:

(There’s nothing to see here!)

I have 0
Wish I had more.

well I have 3 that work but I have 1 that does not work
I have a EST genisis (broken)
commander 3 strobe
A EST siga
and a Gamewell FCI MS-7
as well as a couple of smoke alarms and an exit sign

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I have a kidde extinguisher that i refilled with water and a few semi modern smokes. No fire alarms

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a collector with that many panels in their collection before. That is impressive. The other NAs and pulls you have are fantastic!

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What an amazing assortment of panels! The ULC 4001 is a particularly unique one—until I saw the listing for that panel a few weeks ago on eBay, I hadn’t realized that Simplex offered a two-zone version. I doubt there will be another opportunity to acquire one of those panels in the foreseeable future given how uncommon they are. Even the four-zone models don’t seem to be particularly common; I’m in Canada, and I’ve never seen one in person (although I’ve seen a few listed online).

The EST LSS1 is another interesting little panel. If you ever get the opportunity to film it, I’d love to see it in action. We don’t hear much about those panels—they seem to be one of EST’s more obscure products.

Those two panels caught my eye, too. We don’t see smaller System 3s very often online, and we rarely see Zans 200s at all. They look like they’re in beautiful condition for their age. I’m particularly fond of their retro aesthetics—I’ve always had a soft spot for small conventional panels from the '70s and '80s.

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You have a super awesome collection!
This is all stuff that would be worth putting in a museum.

I have 29 or 30 devices

Rest assured, I will be filming all of my panels in action next year!

Man, I thought I was an ambitious collector. I’ve been collecting for 6 years now and I don’t as many devices as you do, although I’m more selective on the devices I search for. I’m more into older Simplex. As for your bank account comment, I’m the same way. I don’t even want to know how much I’ve spent on devices I’ve bought, although my collection would be worth more than I paid for it since I’ve saved entire systems worth of desirable devices during upgrades. Impressive nonetheless.

I always forget how small the 4001 can be. Also, do you have 2 4006s?

The one 4001 you see is a rare 2-zone Canadian model: the 4-zone US model is bigger.

I believe one is a 4006 & the other is a 4008 from what I’ve seen (both are identical aside from the 4006 being conventional & the 4008 being addressable).

Is there any possible way I could try to strike a deal for your ES-50X? I have been trying to get my hands on a addressable Fire Lite panel for a while.

It’s a 4006 and a 4008 in the back.

I’m not in the best position to sell anything right now, and I also haven’t had a chance to test it thoroughly. I do plan on selling it at some point though. I’d accept a trade or money, but it won’t be anytime soon.

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