Fire alarm device, do not paint.

Apparantly this occurs on some Wheelock NAs. Does it occur with other brands of NAs?

A 4903-9255 at my school says something to the effect of that.

I think they all say it.

Not all of them. Usually I see that on Wheelock signals and on various smoke and heat detectors. My System Sensor 2451TH, Simplex 2098-9201 and TrueAlarm have “DO NOT PAINT” on them, as well as my Chemtronics/Simplex heat sensors.

Yes, but by all I’m sure he means they all say something to the effect of “DO NOT PAINT” regardless of the additional wording.

Thanks for interpreting for me Phracide. Pharcide, you’re right, that’s what I meant. Shouldn’t ever paint a fire alarm device, regardless of how it’s worded.

I’ve seen “FIRE ALARM DEVICE DO NOT PAINT” on a Notifier test station in a store in Maryland. It’s interesting to note that they have about 30 of these throughout the store.