Fire Alarm During Pranksters' Video

Sounds like Wheelock AS/HS4/MT in slow march time.

Hmmm, to me they sound like AS’s

HS4’s, AS’s, and MT’s all sound alike, so that’s why I typed that.

It probably won’t be long until ALL electronic horns sound the same.

Haha. :lol:

That’s pulse (or what Simplex has called march time since SmartSync), which is 60 BPM. I think that slow march time is 20 BPM, a sort of “classic” code like 4-4 or continuous.

What you probably hear is code-3 with several non-synced devices in the same area.

Probably, but if they are MT’s or HS4’s they might be on a Simplex system. Simplex systems tend to have Wheelock devices on them, also.

That’s not relevant because only Smartsync Simplex systems use that coding, and Wheelocks do not SmartSync

Oh, so Simplex panels just don’t pulse the audible circuit in 4 wire setups?

They do, but that would be gratuitous and uncommon for this setup. Aren’t those all 2-wire devices anyway?

I’m pretty sure pulse isn’t a 4-wire option on Simplex systems.

It’s most likely a non-synchronized code-3 system.

The AS is the only 2 wire device. The MT and HS4 are both 4 wire.

That’s one bad thing about two wire systems. They say the strobes should be synchronized to prevent confusion, but if the horns are all sounding at different times, this can also cause confusion.

If they can develop a technology to synchronize strobes, why can’t they develop a technology to synchronize horns?

Anything that is four-wire and panel-coded is basically synchronized, in addition to SmartSync devices, speakers, and selective silence synchronization.

I meant synchronized horns on 2 wire devices.

SmartSync for Simplex devices, selective silence for others.

Oh, but there aren’t any Simplex SmartSync horn/strobes that can have the horns synchronized, right?

All SmartSync horns are synchronized.

That’s cool! Simplex has some innovative products/technologies. I’m used to the Gentex/Wheelock/System Sensor devices that don’t have synchronization capabilities for 2 wire devices.

Selective Silence

Selective silence just silences the horns on two wire horn/strobes. Selective silence does not synchronize the horns on two wire horn/strobes.

The sync MDL should take care of that