fire alarm enthusiasts

Do you ever see female firealarm enthusiasts. Why is that so?

I’m a female, but I don’t collect fire alarms so I’m not sure if I am an enthusiast or someone who just likes fire alarms.

I would say anybody with an interest in fire alarms is an enthusiast, including you. You just wouldn’t be classified as a collector. :slight_smile:

And, I think that we’ve had other female enthusiasts here in the past (U-MMTeen, for example).

Ooh ok. There are female Enthusiasts dose any one why a majority of them are males

This could be a reason why:

[quote] Collecting things is something a lot of men love and most women just don’t get. Females are multi-taskers, while the male brain likes to single-mindedly zero in on something. We tend to get obsessed with things. Take this tendency and couple it with man’s primordial desire for the hunt, and there you have a man’s love for collecting. A man can spend a lifetime looking for that final item to complete his collection. It becomes his obsession. His White Whale if you will. Of course, completing a collection is usually anti-climatic. In collecting, the thrill is in the chase. Pick your poison. Duck stamps, baseball cards, antique typewriters, [fire alarms :wink: ], whatever. Just don’t get too carried away with it. [/quote]


I have never thought of that thank you U8oLO

Who wants to wager a bet that I’m the only female on the forum?

I think there is a another female on this fourm

Yes, It’s U-MMTeen.

In response to your proposition, I will wager $0.00 :smiley:

Well, except the problem is she doesn’t actively post anymore. I think that Simplex 4051 may be the only active member who is a female.

Though to be fair, I did come back after a long hiatus.

Notice the fire alarm at the end…

There was also specializedchild, who now has a new channel.

Ok there is a couple of females then

Somebody get that girl to become a member on the forum! I need a sister! :lol:


lol, if you message her, she might actually do it!

i bet she would

I just sent her a message, I will tell you what she says, lol.

Please do lol. This will be interesting.