Fire Alarm Fail.

Can a fire alarm hang off the wall and code not care? Theres a hanging fire alarm at my school and the inspection went by and didn’t care…

Number one how do you know that the inspectors passed right by it and didn’t care about it?
Did you ask them?

Number two did you even know an inspection was done recently?

I highly doubt you tracked the whereabouts of the inspectors and what they were thinking.

Now for whatever reason if you did… they probably are lazy / incompetent.

Don’t you have classes during school time? Inspectors don’t just come in and check alarms. Everything is done thought the School district (LAUSD/PUSD) <—Same thing : BTW, can you get any proof that there was a recent inspection?

Yes I saw them! And yes I know they saw the alarm! It was a several weeks back and I stayed after school for Acting and Scripting Class and they announced over the PA that the alarms were going to be tested. They said “Attention all students, the fire alarm system will be tested. Please disregard any alarms unless directed to evacuate.” So I ask my teacher if I can go wash my hands (We were eating pizza and grease annoys me) and I hear the alarms and I walk in and see two men their looking at the alarm and walk out after about 20 seconds. And It has been like that for 1 month now. I’m pretty sure it should have been replaced by now. But it’s not.

Well I’m not sure how I can get proof. But not every school district is the same. My school does an inspection every quarterly year or so. Also I know they do inspections because in the office’s annunciator they put a piece of paper on it that says “Inspected --/–/----” and a list of bugs. And I saw it and had “No defects or faulty devices”.

Well, as long as the device was working, it wouldn’t be considered faulty. There’s a SHG in my school where the strobe is hanging off of the alarm that has been like that for years now, and I’m pretty sure it still works fine.

There’s a department store in my area that has a Wheelock MT horn/strobe on one of the poles where the strobe has come off. So now it’s just a horn on the pole.

It depends on the company and workers doing the inspection. Yes, it SHOULD be noted.

Maybe it was noted and the school didn’t take action. It could have been passed on to a maintenance tech who hasn’t gotten around to it, etc.

The “it’s not a perfect world” thing applies here too. you will never see the perfect system, the perfect inspection, etc. It’s too bad, but it’s just the way things are. Also, truthfully, fire alarm system maintenance is typically a low priority to the end user unless an AHJ is involved. Some smaller/local companies who do inspections really don’t care or aren’t trained on what to look for.

Money is also an item. Some systems look shoddy because a job was undersold, etc. (going back to the Schumin days when someone mentioned new A/Vs mounted on top of old A/V plates). We all know what a proper system SHOULD look like, but it’s just like anything else.

For instance, it’s typically unusual for me to see a smoke detector installed on a backbox in the ceiling. usually I just see a hole drilled for the wiring, and the smoke mounted right to the ceiling tile or drywall. And if it’s a 4-wire smoke circuit, it’s a good day if they installed an EOL relay for power supervision.

the fire alarm inspectors and code guys should tell the school to fix it.

I think it is the other way around actually…

Besides, I don’t think it really matters if the alarm is hanging, as long as it works! Theres a bell at my work that has been hanging from the wall for awhile now (people put boxes against it numerous times). It still works, the alarms went off and the bell still sounded very healthy and was very loud.

Weird that horns hanging from a wire is acceptable but perfectly good working older alarms have to be replaced. Here is looking to you Simplex, and the SAE 2DCDs+AV32 lamp plates removed from my high school.