Fire Alarm ID?

What is this? I am mainly looking for 3 simple answers. What is this? How much is this worth? And can I rig it so that it can be used as a normal panel w/ a pull station?

The first picture – I’ve seen that connector before.

Compare it to my Gamewell Z77 Smoke Detector Base–

…and you’ll see the similar design.

What you have here is a duct detector. Model CA-4.
It doesn’t appear to be addressable.

Typical Pyrotronics / Cerberus just numbering the terminals, I had to dig through the Internet Archive to find an install sheet for my Gamewell Z77.
Gamewell was once owned by Cerberus Pyrotronics before being sold to Pittway.

You’re going to need a head to insert into that thing though.
Here are the two heads I have for my Gamewell detector. (Click for larger images)
R7 Photoelectric:

D7 Ionization: (mine is labeled DI-4A)
Note in the second picture the text under the Gamewell logo: “Member of the Cerberus Group”

Good luck finding them, I have never seen them pop up on eBay. My heads and base were found in a storage room at my dad’s former job.

Here are heads that would be compatible:

If you could find a wiring diagram, you could possibly use it as a “faux” panel. Most duct detectors have a remote test switch input that you could connect a pull station to, and the normally-open relay can switch power to your notification appliances. Since it requires 120VAC, I wouldn’t recommend messing around with it until you find a diagram though.

As for worth, probably not much since it’s obsolete and missing the front cover.

That DI-2D head actually uses a different design so it won’t fit.

Here’s an R7 head:

It’s not missing any covers, I just removed them for pictures, And thanks for the listings, but how old is this?