Fire alarm interest. How do you prefer to refer to yourself?

How do you prefer to refer to yourself as?

  • fire alarm enthusiast
  • fire alarm geek
  • fire alarm nerd
  • all of the above
  • two of the above
  • just a person who’s interested in fire alarms
  • other
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Fire alarm interest. How do you prefer to refer to yourself as?

I’m the Angry Fire Alarm Nerd.

Check out my three latest episodes:

And the Futurama bonus episode:

As a Fire Alarm Reseller since that’s what I do most with fire alarms.

Fire Alarm Tech.

I work on real systems.

Just a guy interested in fire alarms. After all, it is just a hobby.

I wouldn’t really consider myself “obsessed” with fire alarms like other people would, but I am certainly interested in pursuing life safety as a career.

Probably just “interested”. I also used to be a walking part catalog and was always looking to learn new things, but I’ve been losing interest and now just see it as a collection more than a hobby. I actually came close to selling about 80% of my collection, but decided not to let stuff go too quickly. I’ll continue to be active here and will make the occasional video, but my fire alarm days are definitely winding down as I become busier with other endeavors.

It’ll be sad to see you go, Destin.

Thanks, although I don’t imagine I’ll ever disappear.

I would consider myself a Fire Alarm Enthusiast. Why?

I’ve been interested for quite some time now, only starting to learn a little more in-depth about the alarms since late 2007 (started a collection in 2009). Since then, my collection has grown, and I have learned quite a bit about alarms (types of devices, how they work, when certain devices were made, etc). Hopefully I will want to learn more and more about alarms even more in the next few years.

(BTW, I mistakenly created another topic when trying to reply to this one. Sorry for the confusion. Could somebody delete that one).

Fire Alarm Inventor :wink:


I’ve actually been to your Northford facility; we should chat sometime.

Just someone who is interested in fire alarms. I don’t collect but I do like to look at them on Youtube.

Lead fire alarm technician. I install, test, troubleshoot and maintain the fire alarm system at the world bank in Washington DC. :slight_smile: I Love my job. I am a fire alarm junkie. Addicted to it since my first day doing fire alarm work over 12 years ago. :mrgreen:

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Ooooh. That sounds very interesting and nice. Do you post videos on YouTube? And yes, welcome o the forum.

I was originally a fire alarm enthusiast as an older teen (though I never bought anything). Now I’m just someone who has some working knowledge of fire alarms.

I’d call myself “handyman”, the type called on when something breaks, and in this case a fire alarm broke.

To other people, “enthusiast”, to myself, “nerd”.

I think I used to call myself an enthusiast, but nowadays I’d prefer to call myself as a hobbyist.