Fire alarm NAs or pull stations coming back into production after being discontinued for a while. d

After that April Fools joke thread about Wheelock 7002Ts it got me wondering about something. Have any NAs or pull stations ever actually gone back into production after being discontinued for a while?

For alarms, I don’t think so because once a horn mechanism is declared to be outdated, they usually scrap it and don’t go back to it. That is why electromechanical horns will be wiped out in 75 years. As for pulls and detectors, I have no idea.

I think the same can be said for pull stations. I don’t think I want to see a BG-10 pull station come back into production, especially the non-key lock version.

I’m not sure if that’s ever happened - usually when something is discontinued it’s for good and it’s for a reason.

My first thoughts jumped to the Fire-Lite BG-8 and FCI MS-2 pull stations, which are both still in production as an alternative to the plastic BG-12 stations offered by Honeywell. If either of those were put out of production when the BG-10/BG-12 series or MS-46 stations were first introduced, they may fit the description of “coming back into production.”

I believe the Edwards 270-SPO is still being manufactured by GE as well. If the 270-SPO was discontinued when the 278B came out (which I don’t think happened) then it would match the description.

Someone on the forums a long time ago claimed that the Faraday F1GG is still being manufactured. However, I tried to find information on this and didn’t come up with anything, so I’m guessing it’s a rumor. It would be cool if this was true though.

What about the second-generation Adaptahorns? I know for a while they had the 895B which was essentially an Adaptahorn in the 892’s clothing, and they had a horn-only version as well, so would these have displaced the older style?

Fairly certain you are correct on that, if not they were only discontinued recently. They are now labeled as Siemens model MS-FI. Those went in new on the upper floors of the building I live in fall of 2016.

Fire alarm NAs and pulls might not come back after being discontinued, but fast food places like Burger King certain bring back food items after they discontinue them for a while. I remember once when Burger King brought back one of their items they had a commercial with the song “welcome back! welcome back! welcome back!” in it.

I don’t think production was ever stopped for those devices, as some AHjs require metal pull stations.

No, the 270-SPO was never discontinued because of the 278B. It was actually more popular and more durable (at least here in Canada.

I doubt anything has been brought back exactly as-is because UL listing requirements change over time (especially for things like smoke detectors). However, a ton of patents from old products are carried over into new products, so the look and style of a lot of things may be recycled later on with new guts on the inside or some tweaks and modifications.