Fire alarm on the news.

There has been a fire alarm on the news recently. Yeah, I know this is about fire alarms on TV, but I think it is significant enough to have its own topic. I think it is a voice evac speaker/strobe.

Here’s one I found. A slow whoop/voice evac. system on Fox news.

It looks like the recent NBC news fire alarm was a test. I would think that they should know that there was a live news broadcast at that time, they could have waited just another 1/2 hour before testing. Although its a large building maybe they were testing each floor seperatly and didn’t know what floor the studio was on.

The other day there was a fire alarm test on “Wake Up with Al” on the Weather Channel at like 6:30am… it had a unique tone to it, I’m not sure if it was even a speaker system.

Wow, weather and fire alarms.

CBS Nightly News had a fire alarm test, I don’t know what the date was.