Fire Alarm Picture Collection Ep.2: Colorado Edition

Although I know several enthusiasts visited several of the same places in Colorado (ironically right after I left and got home) have already published their slideshows, mine is by far the best. Lots of rare stuff in here, including a rare Lithonia Lighting X series exit sign (the one after the white TrueAlert horn strobe), confirmed by a fellow YouTuber (I have no idea what brands of an exit sign are besides the fact that they’re well, an exit sign :lol: ), and a Fire-Lite fire light! Also we see an indoor Wheelock Exceder horn strobe mounted on a weatherproof box (which makes it weatherproof, right? :roll: ) as well as a couple Simplex 4208 annunciators mounted OUTSIDE the building, one right next to an outdoor alarm (probably about 15 feet high, mounted outside next to a Gentex Commander 1 and said annunciator was left unlocked and the door partially hanging open), but that said, enjoy! I hope you do, because it took me 2.5 hours to edit this as iMovie is a pain with this sort of thing (works great for videos, but not for these).


I know that this is really late but that was because I didn’t see this topic before now, but you have some very nice pictures! I hope that we can see more episodes of “Fire Alarm Picture Collections” soon!