Fire Alarm Picture Collection: Episode 1

Here’s video number 1 of a new series I’m starting on my YouTube channel! Lots of new and interesting devices to see in this, along with some more better quality photos of some of the variety of alarms in my previous videos (mostly at my school) as well as some of the new TrueAlertES alarms I’ve seen in my area as most of the new installations are primarily Simplex due to them having a huge office down here. Also photographed are numerous new Simplex IDNet pull stations (I should say all of them except the older 2099-9761 MAPNET II stations at my school as well as the conventional ones photographed) with LEDs in them. Also pictured that is more rare are Wheelock weatherproof speakers in a pool area on a Simplex 4100ES system, and I also got a picture of the massive 2-3 bay 4100ES remote command center with annunciator and the LifeAlarm controls.

Also on the cruise ship, the call points and smoke detectors are made by Autronica, and if I’m correct I believe that’s a company out of Norway somewhere (the ship itself was built in Germany). And those alarms are used for a lot more than fire emergencies (hence them being unmarked) and are Potter Select-a-Speaker Strobes. When you activate a call point on the ship, no alarms are activated; the system instead sets off an alarm in the bridge to alert the Captain of an emergency, from which he can sound the General Emergency Alarm or the Abandon Ship Signal (if necessary in extreme cases) and dispatch crew members which have been specially trained to contain and knock down fires.

But anyways enjoy the photos (and yes, the video took a while to edit and upload to YouTube, so I hope you enjoy)!


Lovely pictures; I always enjoy videos of this type!

It’s interesting to see the system from the Fantasy. I’ve been on a few cruises, and pretty much every ship had either an Autronica or a Consilium system. However, I’m definitely surprised to see Potter strobes on a European system. Strobes don’t seem to be particularly common on cruise ships, and the only ones I’ve seen were 230VAC Moflash models.

Thank you! Yes, it was odd.

Really great pictures that you have! I’m kind of interested in the high school that has the AV32 strobed with 4041 horns.

Those are actually Faraday 6120 horns. The grille on the AV32 just makes it appear that way. I believe the other alarms were Wheelock EH DL1 electronic horns.

Well it still is pretty nice! The only time I ever saw AV32s was with 2DCDs or a horn-only VA4.

Yeah, thanks! I have seen AV32s with P2R’s slapped on top of the grille part. That was pretty sad.