Fire Alarm Pull station - Height of Conduit protecting exposed wires

Hi forum Members,

While conducting a fire alarm inspection, I notice pull stations in a warehouse with FPL (Red wire) running from the overhead (15 ft) down the support beam to a pull station. The wire was completely exposed. The pull Station is mounted 42 inches above the floor.

My concern is; Should the wire running down the beam be protected, Ran in conduit?

I found some training material stating it should be protected to 7 feet above the floor, but the NEC 760 is not specifically (alluding too) stating this requirement that I can comprehend. Can someone please clear this up for me?

Thank you!!

Don’t take my word for it, because I’m not sure if codes differ there, but from what I learned, if the building itself is a non-combustible construction, conduit must be used, if it is combustible, conduit may be used but there is no point, the wires just have to be insulated.

Open Cables need to be protected up to 7 Ft about the Floor to meet code these days… you can go higher but the code has change years back there was no requirement and open cables were permitted…so depends on when the system was installed and if it meet the codes at the time?


760.53(A)1 or 760.130(B)1.