"fire alarm pull station inside"

They do seem high

They are probably not code compliant, but the building is so old, that they probably do not have to comply.

Or that was code back then you have to remember how much code has changed since then

Yes, code has changed a lot. Although, I don’t see a point in having a code that requires mounting at that height, as people in wheelchairs (and some small people) probably can’t reach them. I just think that they were supposed to be mounted at a height that most people could reach, and the height in the image, was a comfortable height, because most people didn’t have to reach down as much as we do today.

But yet did they think about that back then probably not you know.

No, they probably did not.

They don’t think about stuff like that back then

I have never heard of pull stations or NAs that do such.

Well now it’s strobes that flash but don’t say fire

And no, the fire label doesn’t need to be lit during activation of an NA. The strobe takes care of that.

Mainly that’s for the hearing impaired


Ok I was getting confused there for a minute

The reason why I think that the “FIRE” on the NA should be lit up is in case of a power failure, and so people who are far away can easily notice what the alarm is (but I forgot that alarms are red). Anyway, if code requires “FIRE” to be printed on them, it should be lit.

It says fire on the device not on the strobe tho

Oh. Okay. Well in order for it to be lit, there would need to be a whole new generation of NAs. None of the current NAs would be capable of such.

Or could you set the nac with strobes to activate during fire and power trouble

I’m not talking about now. In the future, the LEC technology will be more affordable, and LEC’s have a VERY low current draw.

No, what I mean is if the power went out, and no one could see the NA, they might not be able to recognize the alarm. I just realized…emergency lighting. Forget what I said about the NA, but the pull stations should still be lit, so it will not only pop out during a power outage, but also even when the power is on.

If I am right addressable devices pole faster on battery back up due to that reason.

Due to what reason?