Fire Alarm Remakes

Which of these alarm product lines would you want re-released? (Max: 2 Votes)

  • Fire-Lite V-Signal Product Line
  • Wheelock 34T Product Line (including bells and EH- Series)
  • System Sensor Multi-Alert Product Line (ADA)
  • System Sensor SpectrAlert Classic Product Line
  • Gentex GX Product Line
  • Siemens Products
  • Space Age AV Product Line
  • Space Age VA4 Product Line
  • Simplex 4050 Product Line
  • Simplex 2900 Product Line
  • Simplex 4900 Product Line (early models)
  • Couch Pulls (Chevron, Coded Chevron)
  • IBM Products
  • EST 890 Series
  • Other (Pleas Specify)
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Which of these fire alarm product lines do you think should be remade (and modernized)?

Mine would be the Simplex 2900’s, with the AV-series being a close second.

I didn’t think the VA4 was discontinued, but I chose that anyway. Maybe SAE could even make a multi-candela version of the strobe plate, or a version of that HA24D electronic horn with a Code-3 jumper.

I also chose the 34T product line. Their electomechanical horn was pretty popular, especially when it was used as part of the 7002T horn/strobes; just combine that horn with a Wheelock RSS remote strobe or strobe plate and you’d have a pretty good attention-grabbing fire alarm!

As for the Couch pulls, remember, the Chevron pulls still ARE made to this day, except remember that Faraday bought out Couch in 1977, and thus they took over with the Chevrons (they even have the same model number: F1G), but the coded pulls have since been discontinued, since there is no need for those in new fire alarm systems in this day and age of addressable fire alarm pull stations and detectors.


Although they could use the coded style for addressable ones (as coded systems were a very early form of addressable fire alarm). That would be pointless, though, because it would require a second machine to print the different frame.

I voted the System Sensor MA series (the thing I would most like to see come back) and the Siemens signals. A close 3rd was the Simplex 4903/4904 series.

I would love to see those old electromechanical IBM panels remade, that would be awesome!

MASS for me, and the 892 series (they could put the Genesis’ strobe assembly on it.) Also the Simplex 2900, 4900 series, and SpectrAlert classic (or add the Spectra’s sound to the Advance series)