Fire Alarm Replacement: What I Got

Hey. I just want to share, and maybe get opinions or something on some devices I got today.

My Dad is a building engineer. One of his buildings has a Simplex 4100 system. Oddly enough, the 1st floor had rectangular speaker/strobes, while floors 2-10 have TrueAlert speaker/strobes. A few months back, the first floor alarms were not in synchronization with each other. With a big inspection coming, the building had to take all precautions. The building ordered a box of fresh 4906-9151 TrueAlert speaker/strobes for the first floor, and began tearing out all the first floor’s 4903s and 4904s. They were thrown into the box the new ones came in and put in the corner of the fire alarm panel room.

I had known about this job for a while, and Dad promised me all the devices. Yesterday, he brought home the box. Here is what I got:

(14) Simplex 4903-9168 Speaker/Strobes
(4) Simplex 4903-9148 Speaker/Strobes
(2) Simplex 4904-9168 QuickAlert Strobes
(2) Simplex 4904-9185 Ceiling Strobes
(1) Simplex 4904-9183 Ceiling Strobe
(1) Simplex 4904-9332 SmartSync Strobe (Possibly the reason why the system was out of sync?)

I do not believe the 4100 has a 4903/4904 SmartSync output, and I think the building, in effort to replace a 9168, bought this 9332 thinking it was free-run.

I plan to sell some speaker/strobes on eBay, and maybe raffle 2 on YouTube.

I will hopefully post a video on YouTube tomorrow about them. If anyone is in desperate need of either model of speaker/strobe, please let me know. The strobes I am a bit picky about. I will for sure get rid of one of the 9185s.

What does everyone think about the topic overall? Epic win? Awesome?

Thanks! -Ryan :smiley:

Nice! Gotta love a box of free alarms.

Sounds like floors 2-10 were upgraded with SmartSync TrueAlerts after the fact using SmartSync adapter modules. All of the alarms you’ve listed except for the last one are free-run with no synchronization capabilities, hence the fact that they were all out of sync.