Fire Alarm Site URLs

I’ve been working on the new fire alarm site!

I’ve come up with a name for it: The Fire Panel
It’s going to be hosted on a server in the basement of my house. When all is said and done, these forums will be moved there.

I have a section that provides links to collectors’ homepages. I’d like to have that list populated before the site is launched, just so it’ll be good. If you have a webpage, please reply with the URL and how you want the link to appear. I currently have Dan, Ben S., and myself. Links are added in the order in which I received them.

Thanks a lot!

Also, at some point I will be asking for volunteers to add content to the wiki portion of the site, so it can also be “populated” before the site is launched. It’ll help me a lot because I’ll have other sections to work on such as a new skin for the forum and some beginner’s guides (by popular demand).

Current List – Check back here to confirm that it is displayed how you wanted it.

Nice name! :smiley: I would like my website, to be displayed as “The jjinc24/U8oL0 Web.” And I’d be happy to help with the wiki if you wanted me to! :slight_smile:

My site:

Also available for the wiki.

I’ll be putting screenshots of the list as it is updated in my original post on this topic. Please check your name on the list to make sure it displays how you want.

This is great! Thanks, Andrew!

This is awesome and hopefully when I have free time Ill resume work on making my site.

I would like to make a FA site for my collection, videos and pictures, does anyone know how?

First, you’re going to need server space to host the site.
-The first way is you can get a domain name + web hosting from a hosting company.
-The second way is you get a free subdomain + web hosting from somewhere.
-The third way is to build your own web server and host it yourself. Do note you still need to buy a domain name.
-The fourth way is (when I have it fully implemented) get a subdomain directly from The Fire Panel.

Second, you’ll need to make a site.
-The best way, IMO, is to learn HTML and CSS and code it yourself. w3schools is a good place to start learning.
-Alternatively you can use “what you see is what you get” website building tools… just be warned that these don’t always make the site look exactly how you want it. There are many free ones, and there are some more advanced paid ones such as Adobe Dreamweaver.
-Lastly, you can hire somebody to build your site to your specifications for you.

Third, you’ll need to upload the site to the server space via FTP.

I would recommend x10hosting. While they’re not perfect, they’re probably the best host that I’ve dealt with. They have free sub-domains, cPanel, and an optional website builder. Using x10, or a different company, will probably be the easiest option.

I’ve modified the list.

I removed two dead links (went to sites that had not been created yet)

Also, u80lo, your site does not load, so I removed you from the list. When/if you get it fixed, I’ll add you back.

Everyone else: You can still submit a site URL for that page.

Ironic that you suggested that… NewAgeServer can’t get your page to load :lol:

Odd…It’s working for me :?

Once again, the URL is and the title is “The jjinc24/U8oL0 Web”

It’s loading now; just very slow. I’ll add you back now that I know it’s working.

Woa, this site is being hosted from your own sever? There is great uptime and it loads pretty decent. :smiley:

I would recommend HostGator, myself.

Or Inertia Networks - Which this site is hosted on :wink:

I noticed that in the footer. Very nice pricing, better than HostGator.

Another community that I’m a part of (founded by Palmer Luckey, the guy that built the Oculus Rift) uses HostGator and have had so many problems with it. There were problems with AJAX Chat, DNS, SQL, and a lot of other things.

Really? They seemed like a good host, with great customer service. I have used it before with no problems, but I didn’t use AJAX chat.

lol, the forum that should not be mentioned is hosted by them.

the forum that should not be mentioned if you ment DFA (which is now closed), that is hosted at Inertia Networks as well.

The post you replied to was made on this day 1 year ago…

I can see how you got confused! :lol: