Fire Alarm Story Time

So when I was in third grade, I was seated directly underneath a System Sensor P2R or P4R. My school was one of those open campus ones. We had Weatherproof HRKs outside and every month we had a fire drill. Almost every student in my class was like “Ow, that hurts my ears” and “It’s so loud”. I just keep walking. Everyone asks me how I managed to survive with the alarms sounding. I told them, “I watch fire alarm videos with headphones on and I just got used to it.” Now My brothers try to strobe flashlights in my eyes and they see that I am unaffected so they again ask me “How do you manage to be unaffected by strobe lights?” I say"The videos I watch have flashing lights and I watch fire alarm videos with flashing lights so I am used to it." Don’t we all get used to the loud horns and flashing strobes? Your stories are welcome. Have a good day.

I have another storytime from the 3rd grade that was embarassing :smiling_face_with_tear:

The entire thing

So I was on a field trip, there were 7002Ts. I asked an employee “When was this fire alarm installed?” I got that question answered (It was installed in the 70s). My class was staring at me and it made me embarassed :sob:

TL;DR: Embarrassed myself in front of my class over a 7002T

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No need to be embarrassed. Nice story though. Where did your class go?

I don’t think 7002T’s were released until the mid-1980’s.