fire alarm strobe by an elevator that says "do not use elevator when flashing".

Have you seen such? There’s a fire alarm strobe that says such at this Forever 21 store in this elevator video someone made.

Elevator at Forever 21 at The Avenues Mall - YouTube

This is a first for me. It probably gets used whenever the store’s fire alarm system is tripped, in which case the elevator would be recalled to the ground floor and out of service until reset. It’s still a strange sight, though.

I’ve been in the store before. They have a fire alarm strobe by the elevator on both the first and the second floor.

I’d understand if they placed a blinking LED light, such as the one in my collection (Artron products LED-EL…something like that). It seems really odd to see a regular strobe right above the button. I haven’t seen any mentioned setups in person…yet. I do remember seeing a video from the same state from another user a while back with some sort of Simplex Strobe above the button.

Pretty rare occurrence it seems like to have some sort of blinking light to inform not to use the elevator, would be pretty handy in emergency situations.

Might it be an incandescent light? With the frosted lens, it could be anything. I think it’s more likely a strobe but you never know.

I have never seen anything like that before and I will admit that it looks strange but I also think its a cool idea.

This Belk store located in the same mall has the more typical blinking LED light next to the elevator that says “do not use elevator when flashing”.

The elevator at Belk at the Avenues Mall - YouTube

Schindler Hydraulic Glass Elevator In Parisian At The Avenues Mall - YouTube

Here’s another video of the elevator taken by someone taken years earlier which shows the fire alarm strobe.