Fire alarm strobes suck in dark!

A recent study has proven that lights actually suck the darkness into themselves. A full overview of the study can be viewed here:

The general concept is that all sources of this fictional “light” actually suck the darkness into them, eliminating it. The absence of dark reveals and optical illusion to the human eye, which we have been raised to know as “light.”

This means, when a fire alarm strobe flashes, dark is actually sucked into the strobe tube! The xenon gas attracts and dissolves the dark. The capacitor inside the strobe is charged to a high voltage and released into the strobe, which allows the dark to be drawn into the strobe tube at an amazingly rapid rate. In addition, the brightness of the strobe flash shows just how much darkness exists in even the seemingly brightest rooms.

Newer LED strobes operate on the same concept. Since they do not draw dark into the tube at such a rapid rate as the xenon strobe tubes, the flash visible to the human eye appears longer. Due to the impurities in the casing of the LED, the full spectrum of dark can not be effectively drawn in, leaving a blue tint tot the optical illusion.

Also, if anybody has ever blown a circuit board on a alarm device or panel, you probably noticed that the electrical spark generated by the short drew in dark and left a black mark on the board from the dark passing across it!

Pretty amazing stuff scientists are finding out nowadays. Who knows how many common perceptions of reality will be disproved in the next few years?

It is also amazing how these reality altering studies and theories are always released on April 1st! What could be the significance of this day? :?

since color is reflected while the rest of the spectrum is absorbed, it only makes since. just an odd way of looking at it.

Well, I hope at least somebody enjoyed this little April Fools Joke. In case there are any younger, more gullible users here I want to emphasize that this is just that: a joke :lol: .

If a mod/admin add a note at the beginning of the topic to prevent someone from mistaking it for real information or move it to General Discussion, that’s fine.


i thought it was talking about the first thing you see is what the light source reflects off of, and just putting it in a really abstract way saying it “sucks in the dark”.

When I first read your post, I thought you were saying that strobes did not work well in the dark- hence the term “sucking in the dark;” sucking being used as an adjective. ANYWAY…

I will admit, though… you did have me believing you until the end!

When I read the first part, I was scratching my head, but once I read the bit about the spark leaving a black mark I started to laugh and knew right away it was a prank. Nicely done, it seems you had a few people there!

i must admit, i didn’t read past the second line. becomes very obvious after that. :oops: