Fire alarm system at a local Target is being replaced.

The store is getting white ceiling-mount L-Series horn/strobes and remote strobes. They are replacing red NH horns on the support beams and white RSS strobes on the ceiling. All the old NAs are still there. They’ve started installed the L-Series NAs. Many are up however there are some backboxes with wires hanging from the ceiling where the new L-Series NAs will go.

When they remove the NHs and the RSSs from the building, are they on backboxes or are they directly to the walls and ceilings? If they are directly mounted then I expect that where the horns were are gonna be plated up.

The RSS’s are directly mounted to the ceiling tiles. The NHs are mounted to the support beams on backboxes. There’s a red Wheelock NS horn/strobes directly mounted to the wall by the restroom that is being replaced by an L-series horn/strobe on the ceiling. The RSS on the ceiling in the restroom is being replaced with an L-Series horn/strobe on the wall. There’s a firelite panel by Honeywell that is replacing the Radionics panel mounted on the other side of the entrance. The old Radionics panel is still being used and the old NAs are still connected. The new panel and NAs are not yet being used. They will probably transfer to the new system soon and remove the old panel and NAs.

wait, did u say L-series horn/strobes in the restrooms? yikes…

Yes. Except for the small unisex restroom by the pharmacy fortunately.

The RSS’s will likely be removed from the ceiling and their backboxes and the ceiling tiles will be replaced. Where the RSS on the ceiling in the restroom is will likely be plated up because the restroom doesn’t have a tile ceiling. Where the NS is on the wall by the restrooms and old fire alarm panel is will be plated up.