Fire Alarm System Setup for my elementary school

This was before 2013 when I still went there and the alarms that they had weren’t replaced. I can post the photos because for one. somebody posted the photos of the plans on Twitter and for two, the school is empty as it is being renovated and the floor plans on gonna change. I took the new plans and set it up so that it resembled what it was when I was there. This was how the school looked when I went there from 1997 to 2004. The room numbers changed in 2002 but I can’t remember the old room numbers. Anyway the alarms are also color-coded for your convenience. Red are Simplex 4903-9219s, green are Simplex 4903-9101+2901-9838s, blue are the Gentex SHGs, white is the Wheelock AS and black are the Simplex 4904-9138 remote strobes. Though you can’t see it well, if there are remote strobes in a room, it is in the bathroom of the room and not the room itself. This is how the alarms were distributed.

This is how the school was set up when it came to room assignments.

101-ESL/PE (until 2002), Resource (2002–03), Inclusion (2004–?)

102-Art/Music (until 2002), ESL/PE (2002–?)

103-Library (until 2002), Art/Music (2002), Music (2003–?)

104-Sixth Grade (before 2002–?)

105-Reading (until 2002), Self Contained (2002–03), OT/PT (2004–?)

106-Inclusion (until 2002), Self Contained (2002–?)

107-First Grade (until 2003), Enrichment/Band/Inclusion/OT/PT (2003), Enrichment/Band (2004–?)

108-Sixth Grade (before 2002–?)

109-Sixth Grade (before 2002–?)

110-Teacher’s Lounge (before 2002–?)

111-Fifth Grade (until 2002), Sixth Grade (2002), Art (2003–?)

112-Sixth Grade (until 2002), Library (2002–?)

113-Self Contained (until 2002), Reading (2002), Literacy/Reading (2003–?)

201-Second Grade (until 2002), First Grade (2002–?)

202-First Grade (before 2002–?)

203-First Grade (before 2002–?)

204-First Grade (until 2002, 2003–?), Second Grade (2002)

205-Second Grade (before 2002–?)

206-Second Grade (until 2002), Inclusion/Literacy/Writing (2002), Self Contained (2003), Kindergarten (2004–?)

207-Second Grade (before 2002–?)

208-Self-Contained (before 2002–?)

209-Third Grade (until 2002), Second Grade (2002–?)

210-Kindergarten (before 2002–?)

211-Kindergarten (before 2002–?)

301-Fourth Grade (before 2002–?)

302-Third Grade (before 2002–?)

303-Fourth Grade (before 2002–?)

304-Fifth Grade (until 2002), Third Grade (2002–?)

305-Conference Room (before 2002–?)

306-Fifth Grade (until 2002), Third Grade (2002–?)

307-Fourth Grade (before 2002–?)

308-Inclusion (until 2003), Fourth Grade (2003), Unassigned (2004–?)

309-Third Grade (until 2004), Fifth Grade (2004–?)

310-Resource (until 2004), Counselor (2004–?)

311-Fourth Grade (until 2002), Fifth Grade (2002–?)

312-Inclusion (until 2002), Fifth Grade (2002–?)

313-Fifth Grade (before 2002–?)

As you can see, I worked really hard on this so I hope I get some comments. :lol:


First Floor

Second Floor

Cool! Reminds me a bit of the setup at my second elementary school (minus the SHG’s). But were there no alarms in the hallways?

I made a legend that can be viewed side-by-side, with the map in another window.

Red: Simplex 4903-9219

Green: Simplex 4903-9101 + 2901-9838

Blue: Gentex SHG

White: Wheelock AS

Black: Simplex 4904-9138

The 9219s were in the hallways. Its just hard to see the dots that I made because I went over the map with a red paint coloring because I kept on messing up when it came to the black I was trying to use. Anyway there were three on each floor like I said. One to the left, one in the middle and one to the right if that does make sense. So there were nine in all. On the second floor you never would have guessed since they all sounded EXACTLY the same which confused me since the ones on the first floor and basement all had different pitches.

Anyway the school is being completely renovated so the setup of the rooms the way I drew them out won’t be the same anymore and some classrooms are being converted to offices and won’t be used as anything anymore. The construction workers already took down most of the interior walls.

Anymore questions about the alarm placement or the room setups? Probably not but pretty please?