Fire Alarm Systems in Sports Venues

I know that there’s already a topic for systems in buildings, but I figured this would be a fun one to add.

Scotiabank Saddledome, Calgary, AB, Canada

Panel: EST3 (has Voice Evac, installed in 2013 due to damage from flood, replaced an older EST3, which in turn replaced a 6500)

Pulls: Mix of Edwards 270-GAO and SIGA-270P

Signals: Edwards/GS 5547-15R speakers (on concourse and in some areas of the seating bowl), EST Genesis Strobes/Horn strobes (event level, also installed in 2013 due to flood), Edwards 965-1A-8RW Speakers (Club level Concourse), Atlas Sound Horn speakers (unknown model, hanging from catwalk)

Staples Center, LA

Panel: Firecom (apparently each panel is custom built. I’m thinking the main control panel is a GCP-70, but am unsure about the rest of the components)

Pulls: Firecom F900-940 (rebranded Wheelock/Bosch T-bars)

Signals: Wheelock ET70-24-MCW Speaker/Strobes (rebranded by Firecom)

Bridgestone Arena, Nashville

Panel: Simplex 4100+

Pulls: Simplex 4099-9004CA

Signals: Simplex 4903-9148, and 4903 Speakers (could not find the model, both are white)

Oakland Coliseum, Oakland

Panel: Notifier NFS2-3030C

Pulls: Notifier NBG-12LX

Signals: Wheelock LSM Strobes (audible signals most likely come from the PA system)

T-Mobile Field, Seattle

Panel: Simplex 4100+

Pulls: Simplex 4099-9004CA

Signals: Simplex 4903-9148 (interior areas), Wheelock ET1010-R, Wheelock WM (outside)

Oracle Park

Panel: Unknown

Pulls: None

Signals: Wheelock ET70-24-LSM

McMahon Stadium, Calgary, AB

Panel: Notifier NFS2-3030C

Pulls: Notifier MPS-950B, Edwards 270-SPO (left over from previous system, which was most likely a 6500)

Signals: System Sensor P1224MC

Commonwealth Stadium, Edmonton, AB

Panel: EST3

Pulls: Edwards SIGA-270P

Signals: Edwards/GS MB10-24 on Integrity Strobe plates

Update: I believe that Staples Center’s panel is a Firecom 8500, much like the one at the WTC building 7.