Fire alarm systems that do chirping like a household smoke a

Are there fire alarm systems where the NAs chirp just like a household smoke alarm when the battery in the panel is low? I think I’ve experienced something like this in elementary school. In the classroom the Wheelock 7004T was chirping like a household smoke alarm. I was wondering if it was because the FACP had a low battery?

I don’t think that there has ever been a FACP that would activate (or at least partially activate) the system if there was a trouble on it. Some older panels had, instead of a piezo on the panel’s board, an external trouble bell or other alarm.

Also, if by a “chirp,” you mean a high pitched noise, a 7004T wouldn’t have had that capability.

Oh, well, I just remember one day in was in class at elementary school and the Wheelock 7004T NA would make noise every certain amount of seconds similar to a smoke alarm chirping.

It was likely something nearby, like a carbon monoxide detector or a household smoke detector or something. As U8oL0 said, the 7004t (or any of its sister models) couldn’t have possibly done that.

It was making noise and the strobe was flashing every certain amount of seconds similar to how a smoke alarm makes noise (chirps) every certain amount of seconds. Maybe chirp is not the best word. It probably was not a chirp.

Oh, you mean it was making noise every few seconds? Like the noise it would normally make?


The panel was probably just in some sort of test mode then. I highly doubt that any panel would activate, or even partially activate a system just because of a battery trouble.

Maybe it was a pre-alarm, like the one here.

I remember, the one time there was a “true” evacuation at my elementary school (when they still had the old system), and at the end of the day when the fire department was “setting” the fire alarm or something, the 4050’s would chirp like that every now and again.