fire alarm testing

Hi guys in new property gone blank on testing
put key in my unit
im supposed to pull down but cant :cry:

I’m assuming you’re located in the UK? From what I can gather, testing procedure seems to be something like this:

  1. Call your monitoring company and inform them that you’re going to do your weekly test
  2. Test a different call point each week - find the call point you want to test
  3. Activate and then reset the call point. Most of them are resettable, so you can press them, or you can key activate them. Looks like you’ve got an ESP system, so what you’d do is press the call point, then take your reset key and insert it into the bottom slot of the call point. Push it up until the yellow and black activated flag disappears back into the call point. To key activate it, all you have to do is insert the key into the bottom slot and push up until the alarms sound.
  4. Silence and reset the panel. On the ESP panel, there should be a “sounder silence” button and then a “system reset” button you need to press. Unfortunately, the ESP site doesn’t let me read product manuals so I’m just assuming that the buttons are laid out like that. Make sure that by the end, the only LED lit should be a green “Normal” one, and the panel’s display reads something to the effect of “System normal”.

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to respond! Also, pictures would help me immensely to see what you’re looking at. We’ve got an attachments option for you to add pictures to your post.

Hope I could help!