Fire Alarm Wiki at one point had a wiki, I faintly remember using it, but since it is gone I thought it would be nice to setup another wiki. I at some point in June or July installed MediaWiki to do this but never did anything with it. Since the Simplex Checker is still gone, part of it will be hosted on this wiki. Everyone is free to join and add to this, all Mods here are welcome to take administrative roles on the wiki, just send me a DM if interested.

If you would like to join go to:

I hope this will become a useful resource for the everyone in community!

Any important updates will be posted here and on the Blog page of my site:

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Aaaaaaaand the simplex checker returns 404.

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Sorry about that, Ill have it working tomorrow, I realized it was vulnerable to SQL injection so I took it down, can’t have people getting into mysql!

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Ouch yeah that’s not good.

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The Simplex Checker is back on the Wiki/my site!

After a lot of reworking and completely redoing the PHP and most of the HTML the site is up and knock on wood secure!

I also added a index and a few other nice things, and a Captcha! I put a few devices in the database found on this random Simplex doc I found online.

The main index:

The Checker:

The Editor: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … eck_Editor”></LINK_TEXT>

Nooooo I didn’t stay up until 4:30 to finish this, I woke up early… that’s a lie.

[size=25]My vision is doing funny things I should probably go to sleep.[/size]

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Looks really nice so far! I hope we can see more soon!

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