fire alarms at book stores.

What fire alarms do your local book stores have?

these are all in the nashville, tn area, where i’m from

barnes and noble
-franklin: double action edwards siga pulls, and the pre integrity horn strobe
-murfreesboro: bosch t-bars, ceiling mounted white wheelock AS’s
-opry mills: wheelock RSS’s, Edwards Integritys, no visible pull stations

books a million
-spring hill: simplex double action t-bars, white true alert horn strobes
-goodlettsville: double action edwards sigas, integrity horn strobes
-murfreesboro: ADT bg-12’s, white spectr alert advances

borders (all now closed)
-franklin: fire-lite annunciator, one wheelock mt-lsm horn strobe, nothing else visible anywhere
-brentwood: adt bg-10’s, red spectr alert classics

Borders (before it closed): Potter T-bars, Amseco Select-A-Horn/Strobes (first generation), Potter FACP.

UA’s bookstore (owned by Barnes and Noble) of course had bell/strobes. The boarders near me had a 4010 system with single-action T-Bars and ceiling-mount ASs. No smokes. With Borders now gone the nearest corporate bookstore is Barnes and Noble located in the Colonie Center mall. I THINK that store has Wheelock E90s hooked up to the malls Gamewell-FCI EVAC system.

Rhode Island College Bookstore: Commander4s

Border’s (before closing): MT-WMs
Border’s (in the mall): Cereberus Pyrotronics speaker/strobes (with the off-center strobes) as part of the mall’s system.

Barnes and Noble: Spectra classics (mounted very high on the wall)