Fire Alarms at MTSU

i know i’ve mentioned the alarms at my college on here before, but I don’t think i’ve actually set up a topic on it, so here goes.

My college has almost entirely simplex systems, and almost all of the buildings have true alerts, the series before the true-alerts, or those newish wheelock chimes. So, I’ll start with the oddities.

-McFarland Hall (used to be campus health center, now its an advising center)- edwards fire horns, edwards spo pull stations (local alarm, and the e in a triangle)
-Photography Building- simplex tbars, red simplex 4050’s
-Ellington Human Sciences- simplex tbars, the alarms are behind wheelock retrofit plates (with the 24 strobe, and the grill pattern of a 7002t horn), the building was built in the late 50’s, probably originally had 4050’s. it looks like these plates were just thrown on top of the original horns to bring the system up to code or something
-Motorpool garage/office- through the windows, you can see one big fat red panel, and an unmarked bell connected to the panel, so i’m assuming this is some very old, and very rudimentary system.

they are currently doing rennovations/construction on Jones Hall, and the Learning Resource Center, so I’m near certain they’ll update those systems, and the two dorms that had those really odd looking simplex lights have been demolished :frowning:

What exactly do you mean by a “24 strobe”? On Wheelock products, “24” just refers to the voltage. All the remote strobes have a “series” name in the model #, such as “RSS” (making the retrofit plate RSSP), LSM (making an LSPM plate), WM (meaning “weatherproof model”), or WST.