Fire alarms at Target.

What kind of fire alarms does your Target have? The one in my area has horns on poles, and white strobe devices on the ceiling tiles as well as horn/strobes in certain areas, and a red strobe NA in the restroom. It is a pretty interesting system.

Gentex horns and Gentex strobes

I usually see Wheelock products for notification and EST products for pulls and smokes.

A single RSS strobe in the back by the changing rooms. Also there are two keypads (one red, one beige) and a Radionics pull station. In the entryway to the store, there’s another red keypad.

Austin has NSs and RSSs. Stockton, CA’s Trinity Parkway location has a SpectrAlert Classic @ the service desk.

I have only been to two Target stores; one in Stoughton MA, and one in Braintree MA, the latter having opened just last year. The Stoughton Target has an addressable Fire-Lite system of some sort (didn’t see the panel or any annunciators), with white ceiling-mount SpectrAlert Advance horn/strobes, BG-12LX pulls and SD-355 smoke detectors (I think.)
The Braintree Target is built right into the South Shore Mall. As a result, like the rest of the mall, it has a Simplex voice-evac system (didn’t see the panel, but there’s a 4603-9101 LCD annunciator at the main entrance, so odds are it’s a 4100U system.) The unusual thing about this Simplex system is that it has SpectrAlert Advance speaker/strobes instead of their own! They are all white and mostly ceiling-mount, but I also saw at least one wall-mount version, and the restrooms have the remote strobe version. Aside from that, the pulls are a mix of the usual 4099-9001 and -9003 T-bars with Stopper IIs, and the smoke detectors are addressable TrueAlarms. While I’m not surprised they went with a Simplex system for this Target (seeing as the mall has a huge 4120 voice-evac networked system), I WAS surprised they used the System Sensor signals. Usually when Simplex uses another company’s signals, they use Wheelock or Federal Signal or even Gentex (usually for mini-horns or strobes). I’m guessing either they wanted to use non-Smartsync speaker/strobes, or the Target was originally going to have a Fire-Lite or Notifier system or something, but then halfway through construction they switched to Simplex for better service/consistency with the rest of the mall.

MS-9200UD, BG-12LX, System sensor white celing mount Horn/Strobes.

the target in cool springs originally had system sensor horn strobes (pre-MASSDA) and the single action ademco pull stations. it now has fire-lite bg12’s and ceiling mount AS’s.

everywhere else its been one of the following
-ceiling mount spectr alert classics
-ceiling mount spectr alert advance
-ceiling mount as
-wall mount ns

never seen any gentex or est products at a target as mentioned, ever in my life. never heard of it either.

by what some of you are saying, it sounds like some of the newer targets may be starting to do like some of the walmarts with only one pull, and sometimes one if any signals. does anyone know reasoning behind this?

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Hi all,

First off I’m new here so Hi, I’m an alarm tech in Arizona. I used to be the alarm tech for Target in AZ and NM. Newer Targets use Fire-Lite MS9200 panels and System Sensor H/S. Older stores use Radionics (Bosch) 8112, 9112 0r 9412 panels (New stores still use 9412s for burg) and all sorts of different H/S. In AZ & NM I got rid of all the 8112 and 9112 panes in my stores and upgraded them to 9412G panels. There are also a few EST systems here in AZ, one EST2 and two EST3s, they don’t use Edwards notification devices though.

As far as the pulls are concerned, in newer Targets there is only one pull at the fitting room unless local code requires more. It’s all that is needed.


That is pretty unique. Not the way it is in my state of MA. What is the idea behind having it back at the fitting rooms, do you know?

alleytom- welcome.
i think i can speak for many people on this forum, it is very cool to be able to speak to someone who used to work as a tech for a set of stores. do you know anything about even older targets. the original one where i’m from had the massive ademco pull stations, and pre massda horn strobes…

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in the nashville area most of the targets are very new. some have radionics tbars, some have sigcom bosch tbars, and some have bg-12’s. i’ve seen all 3 of those in both of the set ups alleytom mentioned.

I do not really notice what stores have what but I do know from working on only one target system in tying it into a city box a while back that there was a pull station at the main entrance because that is how I tripped the box.

It’s funny you mention that, because in the back of my mind I remember a Target that had the pulls in the back near the dressing rooms. I just can’t remember where the Target was.

The fitting room pull is per the AHJ, sometimes there is also another at the front customer service area. Per NFPA 101 if you have automatic fire detection or waterflow devices, then you only need one (but at least one) manual pull located per the AHJ, usually they want it in a constantly manned location. Of course states/counties/cities can have their own code requirements, NFPA 101 is the minimum requirement.

The oldest Target here (Store 178, now closed) had been upgraded to an 8112 before I got here. I did find three old McCullough reel pull stations in the building after Target moved out, so Phoenix did have a city loop at some point in the past. Store 179 in Tucson also had them. No idea on their notification back then other then water gongs at the risers.


We have ceiling mount red Spectralerts. That’s all I know, I never go there.