FIre alarms at Walmart and Target.

What fire alarms does your Walmart and Target stores have? Mine have Radionics pull stations and panels, Walmart has red SpectrAlert Classics and Target has red NHs horns on the support beams and white RSS strobes on the ceiling.

Where the heck do you live? I have only seen a Target with that configuration in Albany. Most have Gentex SHG horn/strobes (older) or SpectrAlert Classics/Advances (newer/older upgraded stores).

The Target in Saratoga Springs, NY has red wall mount NHs and white RSSes, both mounted to the ceiling.

The older Walmart in Queensbury, NY has both SpectrAlert Classics and Wheelock MTs. No idea if the MTs are active.

Both of the Walmarts near me have a Notifier voice-evac system with Wheelock E-90’s as the main notification appliance, and Notifier NBG-12LX’s as the main pull station.

My local Target in South Windsor CT has wall/column mounted NH’s and Ceiling mount white RSS. My local Walmart in Manchester CT (about 1/2 mile from Target) was just renovated and converted into a Supercenter, I haven’t set foot in there just because I can’t stand that praticular Walmart but judging a pic found online (I’m unable to copy the URL do to it being a Google map image), they have ceiling mount Spectra Advance Speaker/strobes, the old store had one of those 7002T look a likes over the entrance. The newly built Walmart Supercenter in East Windsor CT, the one I go to (10 miles away) has ceiling mount ETs which double as the store’s PA/music system.

I’ve been to a Target that had Wheelock NH horns and ceiling mount RSS strobes as well (but interestingly, I didn’t realize that they had RSS’s on the ceiling years after being there for the first few times). However, in the bathroom, they had a wall mount RSS mounted on the ceiling in there.

It also had vertical-strobed Wheelock MT’s installed near the entrances, interestingly enough.

The local Walmart has an EST QuickStart panel with SIGA-270 pull stations and Genesis horn/strobes. Target no longer operates in Canada, but one of their former locations in my area (now a Walmart) had two-stage Simplex T-bars with ceiling-mount TrueAlert speaker/strobes.

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