Fire alarms at zoos.

The zoo near me has a Simplex fire alarm and pull station in the snake room.

Mine has several different buildings. Each one has their own fire alarm system, and if I’m not mistaken, all of them are Simplex.

I don’t think mine has one, exept in the large buildings. Then it is simplex

about half the zoos i’ve been to have them, half don’t.

by far the most interesting is the national zoo in washington, dc, so i’ll just cover that
Welcome Building: pyrotronics double action pull, (1 piece 6"bell, with a horizontal strobe retrofitted beneath it, believe it is one of the simplex)

Elephant House: world electronics single action lns pulls, and the wheelock chimes

the three main houses of animals (reptiles, snakes, or something, idk)
pyrotronics double action pulls, horn strobe set up like the 7002t-24, but the horn is different. grille kind of looks like the common cover for the simplex 4050.

restroom building: same as elephant house, but mt-lsm’s instead of the chimes

gift shop: bg-10’s don’t remember the company, then the 6" bells retrofitted on lsm strobe plates

The Pittsburgh Zoo has a mix of different systems, but they all appear to be serviced by Siemens now.

Education building - Fire-Lite BG-10’s, Wheelock EH-ELI-WH-24 horn/strobes, at least one U-MMT and MT-24-LSM.

Tropical forest building - Amseco motor horns, a mix of Siemens MS-151’s, these pulls, and Secutron M-MRM single-action stations. Smokes are System Sensor 2400 model. A couple of the heat detectors looked damaged and one was missing it’s head.

Aquarium - SpectrAlert Classics, Fire-Lite BG-10’s, and Siemens MS-151’s.

  1. the only place i have ever seen harrington signals devices is in orange beach, al. that is really cool to see they exist elsewhere. they kind of resemble the honeywell half moon tbars… btw, does anyone know if they still manufacture those?

  2. by the amseco motor horns, do you mean the ones that look like they could be a spin off of the classic spectr alert?