fire alarms hanging by the wires.

I know there was a topic somewhere about fire alarms hanging by the wires, but can’t find it. However I recently saw something today in a department store that it is similar to such. It was a white ceiling-mount Spectralert that is hanging where there is a missing ceiling tile. The backbox is visible and the wires above the backbox.

This sums up my schools North Hall bathroom in a few words. There was a strobe hanging by the wires there too.

At a nearby Best Buy, there was a Simplex remote strobe hanging from the wires, it has since been zip tied to the electrical box.

The walkway of my high school has a 9838 that was hanging off the wires. I told the janitor and he fixed it.

There’s a department store in my area where there is a Wheelock MT with a vertical strobe where the strobe was knocked off. So now that NA is just a horn.

That happened to a SHG at my school (indoors).

So now then it is just an HG?

lol, yes.

Shame because I really do like SHG horns. They were one of the first horns I heard in elementary school.

My first horn was a SpectrAlert Classic.

I feel sorry for you because of how loud they are. LOL.

Oh sorry, I meant SpectrAlert Advanced. Anyway, the SHG, and a lot of the Wheelock horns, seem louder to me than SpectrAlerts.